Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Let the cooking begin!

Welcome to my blog! When my son Warren was born 8 weeks ago, he was precious, but colicky. Every evening he would cry for about an hour before finally falling asleep, exhausted. When he started having some other odd symptoms, I turned to google and found that he was most likely allergic to dairy. I called his pediatrician and she confirmed the diagnosis and told me to cut it out of my diet to see if he improved. Almost immediately, his colic vanished. Well, this shouldn't be too hard, I thought. They have soy substitutes for just about everything, and I love Asian food. But then I ate some soy sauce, and the screaming resumed...oh my, this is going to be an adventure!

Here I will share recipes, meal-planning strategies, and my experiences dining out with dairy and soy restrictions. I will be learning as I go, and am hoping someone else out there finds this helpful!

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  1. I just made your Camp Chili recipe and it turned out just spectacular. It's fall here in Illinois and I feel that this recipe will be very popular the everyone in the house! I first saw your URL when downloading a cookbook off the Apple store on my iPad. Thanks again, you have brought some fun and good food into our lives.

    Rich - Geneva Il